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Gold Discoveries Breathe New Life Into USCORP

James Jensen MD, Chairman         


Fellow Shareholders, under the previous executive management, over 10 million dollars was spent without finding a single ounce gold of gold! USCorp had started many projects such as Twin Peaks and Picacho Salton, but none of which ever came to fruition so far however they will be restarted when the timing is right.

With the intention of  increasing USCORP'S trading price over this next year, Patrick Lawler (CEO) has offered to place real gold mines under his control (below) into joint ventures with USCORP providing the right deals are negotiated. More news to follow. James Jensen MD, Chairman.

We are renewing websites, staff, locations, corporate officers etc. The company is poised and expects to stabilize within the next 90 days and our goal is to get at least three projects up and running by the end of the year. Please follow us on Twitter, visit Press Releases listed below weekly and offer suggestions by clicking Feedback Link. Thank You.  
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USCORP adds Gold Dust Claim #3 to Joint Venture Portfolio May’17. 

A summary of the reports on the Gold Dust Claim, just 2 miles west of the famous Vulture Mine, makes one believe there is an incredible opportunity awaiting. The first evidence of exploration was the KERR-McGEE, EXXON and PHILLIPS PETROLEUM Geophysical drilling test project that drilled vertical holes through the sand ore bed. Mr. Van Eaton’s reports are verifiable and if accurate seem to lead to an exciting potential of a vast amount of relative easily recovered precious metals. This potential seems to be yet untapped as the recovery of the valuable minerals in the past have been too difficult and expensive to make it profitable, however with today’s modern processing and recovery methods the Gold Dust Claims would be an extremely profitable venture.

Past assaying and surveying of the property shows that only surface minerals have been explored. There is an enormous potential once the valuable minerals from the surface have been recovered to evaluate subsurface minerals which one would expect to contain similar or even more valuable deposits.  Mining operations would require little effort to get started once a proper extraction method was put into operation.

Permitting and bonding seems like it would also be minimum as well. All in all, all the verifiable reports on recoverable minerals and geology of the Gold Dust Claim points to a potentially lucrative and long term operation yielding over 80,000 ounces of gold (100 Million Dollars) and over 2 million ounces of silver. (30 Million Dollars). 

As usual, any forward-looking reports on monetary returns from any mining operation warrants further scrutiny by any potential investors.





April 03, Press Release

Makowski Mine Preliminary Gold and Silver Bearing Mineral Assay Results

LAS VEGAS, NV – April 03, 2017 – USCorp (OTC Pink: USCS) Secretary-Treasurer Patrick Lawler announced today that mineralsamples taken from the gold claim near the famous Vulture Mine in Wickenburg, AZ show anywhere from ¾ an ounce to over 4 ounces per ton of mineral. These samples were gathered within the past 30 days. Just this past week ore from other mines in the area was collected for evaluation..........

March 28, Press Release

USCorp Gold Silver Bearing  Assay Under Way

Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2017 -- USCorp (OTCMKTS:USCS) President and CEO Michael Love has secured a letter of intent allowing USCORP mining rights for a gold producing claim near the famous Vulture Mine in Wickenburg, AZ...........

March 10, 2017 Press Release

Gold Discovery Breathes New Life Into USCORP

LAS VEGAS, NV – 3/10/17 – USCorp (OTC Pink: USCS) President and CEO Michael Love has secured a letter of intent allowing USCORP mining rights for a gold producing claim near the famous Vulture Mine in Wickenburg, AZ. Mr. Love has located other gold bearing opportunities and is securing those rights as well......  

March 6, 2017 Press Release

USCorp Transitions to a Diversified Holding Company

LAS VEGAS, NV – 3/6/17 – USCorp (OTC Pink: USCS) announced today that the company is transitioning from an exploration stage company to a diversified holding company. “USCorp will consider several different industries and efficiencies, all in an effort to become horizontally and vertically integrated,” said Director/Chairman Dr. James Jensen........


Twin Peaks Project
In 2002 USCorp acquired USMetals, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary with its lode mining claims called the Twin Peaks Project. AGC Corp, (an Arizona Corporation), and a wholly owned subsidiary of USMetals, Inc., is the current owner of the Twin Peaks Project Claims.

  Picacho Salton Project
In 2004, USCorp formed Southwest Resource Development, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary of USCorp. In June 2013 Southwest Resource Development, Inc., changed its name to Imperial Metals, Inc. In 2010, the claims which the company calls the Picacho Salton Project were consolidated in order to minimize overlapping and now comprise 200 lode and placer claims of precious metal properties located in the Chocolate Mountain region of the Mesquite Mining District in Imperial County, California.


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